Gizmodo Features Professional Photographer Chase Jarvis’ ‘Complete Workflow Video’

Gizmodo, the tech blog with an audience of 6.3 Million unique visitors, lauded Chase Jarvis’s Complete Workflow video today as “fascinating to get to see…what might happen between the time an image is captured and archived.” Comments on the popular blog varied from, “This is the best most informative video I think I have ever seen on Giz.,” to simply, “epic video.” This first-of-it’s-kind video follows Jarvis and his team from shoot to shoot as they collect massive amounts of data in the form of photos and video. Jarvis gives tips on his workflow, storage and the proper way to backup data as he guides the viewer from image capture to a properly secure archive. “While there is no ‘right’ digital workflow, ours has been shaped in the professional environment over the past 10 years,” said Jarvis on his blog. “More importantly the techniques we use, the gear, the methodology, everything discussed herein [have] been time tested and entirely scalable depending on budget, experience and where you’re at personally in photography and video, whether you’ve got millions of images or just hundreds.”

Check out Chase’s workflow for yourself.

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