News: Polaroid hires Lady Gaga and Chase Jarvis to oversee products

The news from the Polaroid booth at the Consumer Electronics Show this year lit up the online communities in photography and pop music as Chase’s creative collaboration with Polaroid was made public. Joining Lady Gaga as a creative collaborator, Chase commented, “”Like Polaroid, I believe in supporting fellow photographers and artists of all backgrounds and style to pursue their dreams of creative expression.”

“The announcement took the photography and consumer electronic world by storm the first week of 2011 and the press buzzed with the announcement of this new collaboration with Gaga and Jarvis. Chase summed it up from CES, “”My work is largely centered on popular culture, with emphasis on visual responsiveness to the moment, immediacy and sharing one’s vision with the world. Polaroid has long been a pioneer in this realm.

[Jan 07. 2011]

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