Seattle Times, “Chase Jarvis Aims to Makes Artists of Us All.”

From his Best Camera App to his book Seattle 100, Chase Jarvis Wants to Make the World a more Creative Place.

The Seattle Times, the city’s largest media outlet with more than 55 million page views each month, explores Chase Jarvis’ artistic endeavors and how he is encouraging us all to put our best creative foot forward. Tyrone Beason, Pacific Northwest Magazine staff writer, finds that while Jarvis has a well-respected commercial photography resume, his real passion are his personal projects and inspiring others to share creativity with their own communities. Seattle photographer Chase Jarvis has built his reputation around an uncanny ability to capture the iconic. And that is especially apparent in his latest personal project: Seattle 100: Portrait of a City.

Having traveled the world as a professional photographer, Chase Jarvis of Seattle has made portraits of 100 people he thinks show us the way to be creative. Looking at the faces Jarvis has captured, it’s as if you’ve been walking down the same street your whole life without ever stopping to acknowledge the people passing you, then suddenly realizing every one of them has something fascinating to talk about

The rest of the article you can find here along with a video that The Times’ staff created about Chases’ Seattle 100 personal project.

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