USA TODAY Features Photographer Chase Jarvis on Using his iPhone to Create Great Images

Chase Jarvis in USA Today USA Today, the United States most widely read newspaper, with 5.9 million daily readers, featured Chase Jarvis today to help illuminate the increasingly ubiquitous use of mobile and “pocket” cameras. USA Today’s Jefferson Graham interviewed Jarvis about his much espoused re-packaging of photography’s oldest adage the best camera is the one that’s with you. Graham asks Jarvis to explain how he obtains professional quality images by using his iPhone and found that Jarvis recommends two things to get great shots this summer: shoot liberally and and have a steady hand. Technology has enabled these little cameras to produce better-than-ever images. The trick is to use traditional photography techniques to make the cameras work for you,” said Jarvis. Graham also mentioned Jarvis’ website resource for mobile phone enthusiasts,

Check out the interview in it’s entirety here
[Jun 02, 2010]

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